2 Best Exercises For a Stronger Backside

Nowadays, everyone wants to build a booty. So how do you do it? How do you target that backside and make it stronger than ever? Well, if you think you need a lot of fancy movements to build that butt, you’re wrong. The fact of the matter is, simple exercises pack a lot of punch when it comes to building glutes. Take look at the BEST 2 exercises for a stronger butt:

Barbell Squats

This is the king of all exercises, according to the strength training world. The fact of the matter is, if you want that butt, you have to get serious about your squatting. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to squatting:

• Keep your form in check

When it comes to weight lifting, form is where it’s at. You’ll never get the results you desire if you’re simply lifting incorrectly or poorly – and this is especially true when it comes to the squat. Beyond wanting to make the most of your squat for the best results, you also want to make sure your form is on point from a safety standpoint.

You should consider the two types of bar placement: high bar and low bar. High bar squatting is the typical and most common position, with the bar resting directly on your upper traps. It’ll keep your back more vertical and the propulsion from your knees. The low bar position rests the barbell lower down on the back, on your rear deltoids, and utilizes more hip flexion. Both are effective but finding out what works best for you and is most comfortable is key.

You also need to make sure what when you come down into the squat, you feel the sensation of sitting back onto your heels, your knees are in line with and behind your toes (make sure they aren’t wobbling in and out), and you’re reaching parallel or lower (more about this when we talk about going deep). Keep these same things in mind as you’re coming up from the squat – keep those knees in line, push from your heels, and drive your hips forward with your glutes.

• Go heavy

Don’t skimp on the plates when it comes to squatting. The best way to build that booty via the squat is simply buy squatting heavy. Of course, don’t go heavier than your training has you prepared for – but focus on making this lift challenging and intense. A good rule of thumb is sticking to the 4-6 and 8-10 rep ranges with barbell squats in order to make sure you’re getting heavy enough.

• Get deep

Research consistently shows that the deeper your squat, the more muscle activation – and that is glutes-included! One of the biggest components of the squat form is depth and it is perhaps the most crucial to getting the results you want.

Basically, if you’re not getting at least parallel when you squat, you’re seriously cutting yourself short. Studies show that deep squatting relates to better size/strength of legs, more glute activation, less load on your knees, increased lower back strength, and more leg force will be generated.

• Think about your stance

Studies also show that a wider stance while squatting results in greater glute activation. So if you’re especially focused ontargeting your glutes, opt for a wider stance and reap the benefits of more activation of your backside!

Barbell Hip Thrust

Okay, so this one can be kind of awkward – but it will change your life when it comes to your glute routine. There are plenty of variations (barbell, smith machine, single leg, for example) but we will focus on the barbell hip thrust here.

Set up a bench and a barbell with plates. Sit on the floor with your shoulders and shoulder blades against the bench. Roll the barbell over your legs so it’s positioned over your hips (you may need some padding to make sure this isn’t painful). Use your shoulders and back to keep yourself stable on the bench and hold onto the barbell.

Drive up through your heels and squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to lift your hips up – which obviously brings the barbell up. Come down nice and smoothly, keeping your core embraced the entire time. You’ll feel the squeeze in your glutes and hamstrings instantly.


*Image from cellucor.com