Transformation Story of the Week: Katrina Verdon

I have been dieting as far back as I can remember. In fact I remember starving myself weeks before the 8th grade dance so I could fit in a pair of jeans. I have been smaller than I am today and bigger than I am today. But I have never been happier than I am today. I finally feel like I'm losing weight and gaining muscle the healthy way. About 1 yr and 1/2 ago I gained a lot of weight and I could barely look at myself in pictures. In fact my before picture Jen posted and I reported her on Facebook. I have read a lot of people say their life changed when they started going to their trainer. That's not really my story. My life changed once I started listening to my trainer. 

The moment I met Jen I loved her which Is why I kept coming back. But I still wanted to do things my way. The great thing about Jen is she meets you where you are at. She never pressured me into anything but was there supporting me. I remember the day I was finally ready to make real changes and she was so supportive. For me it was about consistency and my eating (while still being able to drink wine). My whole life I have always been on some crazy diet. She taught me how to look at food differently and make my changes a realistic part of my life. She helped me make working out a realistic part of my life. One of the biggest lessons she taught me was to stop comparing myself to when I was at my smallest point. She taught me to focus on the daily changes I was making. I still haven't let her weigh me or take body fat. I wanted it to be about the way I felt. Not going to lie though it feels so nice that a pair of jeans I could barely get over my knees are now too big for me. I'm still not anywhere I want to be but I'm way better than I used to be. And I know with Jen's help I will only improve! 


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