5 Reasons To Do Strength Training

Pumping Iron. Lifting weights. Whatever it is called strength training is important and should not be ignored. Most people are intimidated by it or fear it. But keep in mind that the benefits it can give your body outweighs any doubts you have in mind.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should start your strength training NOW.

1. Burn more calories

We all know that lifting weights do burn calories but most people don’t know that calories are still being burned even when NOT working out. This is due to the fact that the process of building muscles is starting. By lifting weights you are building muscle mass AND boosting your metabolism thus burning calories more efficiently.

2. Reduce risk of diabetes

That’s right. Doing strength training regularly moderates the way the body processes sugar. Studies have found that weight lifting helps to improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control. Studies also showed that people with diabetes who lift weights improved their quality of life!

3. Better posture, look taller

If you are doing full-body strength training, you will notice yourself standing with better posture thus making you look taller. Strength training can help improve coordination, range of motion and help keep your body upright. With this changes, you will appear more confident and slimmer!

4. Better Focus

Strength training not only improves the body but also shown to boost brain health, how awesome is that? Studies shown in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows older women who did an hour or two of lifting weights each week improved their cognitive function and better planned and executed a variety tasks! So ladies, if you are interested to reaping this benefit, #TrainWithJen now!

5. Better Sleep

Yes, you can do strength training even before bedtime. It helps prevent sleep apnea and insomnia! But after strength training it always feel good to just go to bed and sleep.

So go and find the right coach for you to start strength training and reap all these wonderful benefits. Not sure where to start? Email me anytime!