7 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

We all had those days when even getting out of bed is HARD. Hoping these 7 reasons can help you get up and get movin' and start motivated!

1. Remember your why

    Have you had those times when you try on something and it doesn’t feel right or it doesn’t look good because it doesn’t fit right. Or the times where you wanted to wear those shorts but just not brave enough - use these thoughts to get you moving. Remember it is not just staying motivated all the time, it’s about remember your WHY all the time. Remember why you started to work out and be fit in the first place!

2. Trying new stuff

    Okay, you’re not a gym person. You dislike pilates or yoga. But don’t generalize. Go out there and find what works for you. Remember that there’s something out there for everyone one of us. I personally like to lift. So and find the right class that fits you right! If you can’t still find one, email me and let’s see if group training works for you. ;)

3. Crave that feeling of endorphin rush

    We all know that when you workout your body produces these good feeling hormones called endorphins. Crave that feeling! Think about how good you will feel AFTER you are done with your workouts, smiling for hours after.

4. Read motivations

    These motivational quotes we share are not just for nothing. Print them. Hang them around you. Read them on your phone. As Zig Ziglar would say, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." Follow us on IG for your daily dose of motivation @strongbodiez

5. Join a challenge group or a fitness group!

    Challenges and groups can get you motivated! You will see your instructor or leader getting so motivated - it’s infectious!! The energy and vibe of the group will keep you going on days you just want to crawl back in bed and sleep. Plus, the accountability in such groups will make you want to work out as you don’t want to be the person in that group that quits and leaves!

6. Buy some new workout clothes

    Strange as it may seem but having new workout clothes just motivates me to MOVE and work out! Why not let it go to waste by not working out? Plus it adds a boost of self-confidence to get you moving!

7. Write down and track your success

   There’s a reason why most people take before pictures, why people write down their current weight and their weight goals. It’s for those times when you feel like quitting. When you write down your progress and keep track of it, you’ll see how far you have come. It will keep you going and going!

And if you want support and level up your fitness journey, email me at jennifer.smith2488@gmail.com!