How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

The holidays, although fun and festive, is usually the culprit to wreaking havoc to the strict implementation of our fitness routine. Thanksgiving is no different. We can only imagine the scrumptious dinner prepared and our self-control flies out the window, as with our fitness goals and visions. This actually sets us back and makes all our work leading up to this day futile, and we’d have to start all over again.

So how do we avoid this set back and not let Thanksgiving ruin our momentum? Here are a few ways.

Stop Eating When You’re Full

First up, and most important to remember, stop eating when you’re full. Don’t force more food just because it tastes really good, or you would only have it once a year, or because mom cooked it especially for you. Know when your stomach is satisfied, and don’t allow your taste buds to control you. To enjoy the feast, try out as many food as you want by taking only a very small serving of each, and don’t go back for seconds!

And don't forget your water intake. Make sure you get your intake for the day!

Work the Room

Instead of focusing solely on the buffet table, go around the room and talk to people. Catch up on the latest from your brother or cousin, or try to get to know the new friend your sister brought along. This activity not only keeps you moving instead of being seated the entire evening, it is also one way to feel the fun and festive mood of the holiday.

Invite a Friend to Work Out Early Next Morning

Planning an early morning workout would save you from excessive weight gain because it keeps you from staying too long which would in turn tempt you to eat more, or drink more. Having a date with a friend allows you to push through with the plan and actually show up for the workout. Not to mention the work out will burn off the calories you gained the night before.

Volunteer to Clean Up

Give the host some time to relax after dinner by volunteering to clean up. Not only will this burn you calories, it will also prevent you from picking at the leftovers.

Hopefully, these tips not only prevent from setting you back, but also not make you bloated or lethargic the days following Thanksgiving so you can keep up with your fitness routine.