3 Ways To Beat The New Year Resolution Slump

New Year is just around the corner. One of the things we enjoy doing to commemorate the day is to make resolutions for the next year; promises to improve ourselves on the different aspects of our lives. One of the most popular promises made is to have healthier and fitter bodies. But it is not a secret that most resolutions are forgotten before a quarter of the year has even passed.

So how can we beat the new year resolution slump and attain our goals for the next year?


Having an abstract goal such as "be fit", "eat right", or "exercise" won't help us accomplish them because it is so much easier to make excuses for them. How do we know if we have already attained our goal? Or would we know if we are already following the rules we set upon ourselves? When we say "eat right", does that mean we would have to cook all our meals now and never touch fast food again? If you do mean that, do you think it would be easy right off the bat? Sooner or later, we would make excuses for ourselves saying that we haven't really mentioned anything about exercising everyday, so exercising once a week would suffice. Later on, it would be easier to just let go of the resolution to concede to the more comfortable routine.

When we make resolutions, set exactly what needs to be done and how. By knowing how often you exercise, how long every session, what kind of foods to prevent and what to do when being tempted, it would be easier to keep them and know exactly when we are straying off the path.

Goals such as "achieve that summer body" or "finish that 5K marathon" would serve as motivation because we have something to look forward to. We have also set a time frame for when they should be completed so it makes it easier for us to set a routine leading up to "summer" or "that marathon" or suffer the consequences of our laziness.

When we make resolutions, figure out exactly what we want the outcome to be and set that as motivation. When we are enthusiastic or excited about something in our lives, we are readily more tolerant of the difficulties we encounter along the way.

Consider hiring a coach or a trainer. Not everything comes easy. The more difficult the goal, the more difficult the process to get there. Having someone to guide us on the journey would help us accomplish the goal because not only will they allow you to slack off, they will also know exactly what needs to be done in order for us to become what we envision ourselves to be. 

When we make resolutions, don't limit ourselves to what we could achieve. By considering hiring a trainer, we open up the possibilities of attaining bigger things for ourselves.