Reasons Why You're Still Not Losing Weight

We all know that diet and exercise are the basics for losing weight, but despite cutting back on calories and having a regular workout routine, we are still not seeing the results we are aiming for. Here are nine reasons of what's possibly tripping us up.

Choosing the lowest calorie foods

We know that to lose weight, we must forego the calories. But choosing the low-fat or fat-free products are doing us more harm than good. When manufacturers remove the fatty ingredients, they replace them with more sugar, sodium and chemicals to make up for the flavor lost. And since the fat-free products taste lighter than its regular counterpart, we are often duped into eating more of them than usual.

Skipping the weights

Cardio is essential to weight loss, and it’s so easy to incorporate them into our routine or on a busy day. What we fail to do, however, is to make time or find courage to take on the weights. Fitness expert Aimee Nicotera explains that lifting heavier weights could possibly be the nudge we need to change. Lifting weights raises the body's hormone level, helping us burn fat throughout the day.

Skimping on protein

Another drawback of dieting is the possibility of consuming too little protein. Our bodies need protein to develop muscle and repair tissues. High protein foods also take more time to digest, metabolize, and use, which means we burn more calories in processing them.

Not drinking enough water

We always hear it – drink plenty of water. Not only is water beneficial for the body, it is more so when trying to lose weight. Not only does rehydrating after a workout serves to cool down the body, but water also aids in weight loss by helping us burn more calories and making us eat less when drunk before meals.

Lacking sleep

It is not wise to have a strenuous workout routine and not having enough sleep. Our bodies need energy to fuel our workouts and our day to day lives. Lacking sleep also hinders our ability to control our appetite, because it releases appetite-inducing hormones.

Slicing big portions

We’re not talking about big servings, but the actual slices or bites we bring to our mouths. Studies show that taking small bites at a time helps lose weight by making us feel more satisfied with our food and be satisfied with less.

Eating while standing

In our busy lives, we just can’t help but snack by the fridge or at the counter hoping to get it over quickly so we can return to the multiple tasks that plague us day by day. But this habit is ruining our diet and our goal to losing weight because when we mindlessly eat by the fridge, we sometimes don’t realize that we are already over-eating.

Exercising on an empty stomach

When we exercise on an empty stomach, like that early morning run while skipping breakfast, we are being counterproductive because we are burning muscle, not fat. Research shows that calories burned comes from muscle. And the more muscle mass we have, the more calories we burn. Fueling the body before a workout helps us avoid losing muscle and gives us the energy we need for the activity.

Being jet lagged

It can’t be helped, especially with the travel season drawing near. The best way to combat jet lag is to drink plenty of fluids and load up on probiotics because research shows that being jet lagged disrupts our circadian rhythm and eating schedule, making us eat more than usual and mess up our gut flora.

So, which ones are you guilty of? It’s not too late to make a few changes so we can attain that weight loss goal and live healthier lives.