Six Essential Post-Workout Regimens

Regardless of whatever fitness routine you are in, don’t forget to consider some post-workout recovery and cool down activities to recharge yourself so you can be ready again for another session the following day. Doing these exercises after a workout provides a lot of benefits, including increased flexibility, improved blood circulation, and pain prevention.

Here are some post-workout regimens that are not difficult to execute and won’t take so much of your time as they are created for your own benefit, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Cool down

As soon as you finish your treadmill exercise, you need to cool down in order to bring your heartbeat to normalcy. To achieve this, you may do some yoga or stretching exercises. It also helps your muscles recover from the strenuous activity you’ve just done.

Another way to cool down is a simple walk, though it can be considered as classic but it’s everyone’s favorite. If you walk for around five minutes every after a workout, your heart rate gets to normalize.


Stretching is an essential part of post-workout exercises because it allows you to be flexible and mobile. Lacing your fingers behind your back and straightening your arms while staring at the ceiling are effective in stretching your chest muscles. To loosen up your shoulders and arms, simply cross your arm across your body and stretch.


After sweating out following an intense workout, you need to replenish and rehydrate your body. Drinking a bottle of water or so helps you lessen the soreness of your muscles and increase your strength and flexibility. Coconut water is also advisable especially that you lose electrolytes when you sweat. It can be a good substitute for sports drinks.

Get a Protein Shake

A lot of experts especially in bodybuilding suggest that you should take protein shakes after a workout because this is the appropriate time to get protein into the body as your muscles begin to heal. They say it only takes around 30 minutes for protein shakes to reach the muscle following ingestion.

Track Your Fitness Progress

Keeping a record of your daily activities, how much weight you’ve lost or gained, or how you feel every after a workout is essential to every physical fitness program. It not only helps you achieve your body goals but it also allows you to figure out what type of exercise or activities best suit your physical fitness needs.

There are a variety of methods to use in keeping track of your fitness program. You may use the traditional one wherein you record your improvement, your daily fitness activities, and your experiences using pen and paper. If you want to use technology, there are also a number of apps for smartphones that can help you track your fitness routine, as well as gadgets like the Apple Watch, FitBit and smartwatches. Whatever it is that you’re using to record your daily physical activities doesn’t really matter as long as you know your progress and you identify what’s best for you.

Clean Up and Freshen Up

Some of you might be just fitting a quick workout into your tight schedule. You sure don’t want to smell bad talking to your boss or subordinates. After a workout, clean up your mess so as not to invite germs and bacteria into your workout room and equipment. To freshen up, wipe yourself with a cleaning wipe if taking a shower might be too time-consuming for you.