Transformation Story of the Week: Vanessa Williams

I’ve always exercised and managed my diet, but in October 2016, my whole life changed. For all the work I was doing to manage my diet and exercise, my body wasn’t changing. I was frustrated and discouraged. I decided to call a personal training facility who put me in touch with Jennifer.  With Jennifer’s help, I shed 23 pounds, but more importantly I went from 32% body fat to now 15%. I became dedicated to managing my diet and not letting it manage me. I followed every suggestion, and it paid off. If I became discouraged, she’d motivate me and change up what we were doing. I didn’t really see the change in my body but she did and everyone around me. It’s hard to see the changes yourself, but know that you are making progress when other people comment. I am motivated and excited to see what else my body. I know I can achieve my goals with time, patience, and commitment. We all want it fast, but the best body is achieved over time.