Gina Marie Martinez

" I am a current client of Jennifer’s. She is an AMAZING trainer! I had never lifted weights, completed a pull-up or lifted weights. I used to workout here and there doing Pilates and yoga. Fast forward to today, and I cannot get enough! I have lost inches, increased the amount of weight I can train with, and strengthened several areas that were deficient and causing me problems (knees and upper back/shoulders). She also teaches me about nutrition and how to make this a lifestyle not just a fad diet or quick fix. Training with Jen has been the best decision I have made for myself as I feel better, sleep better, handle stress better, etc… While loving every minute of the journey!"

Jenna DiCarlo

"Jen is the bomb! She pushes you to do things you never thought you could but at the same time is concerned about your well being and preventing injuries while working with your past injuries. Training with her has literally changed my life. I highly recommend her! Do it!"


Stephanie Phillips Casas

"Jennifer is the best. Not only does she make sure you do the full set of exercise she takes the time to give you recommendations, she listens and gives advice. I have never had my body like I currently have it. She give things to you straight and also makes you work hard for it."

Jasmine Wahba

My fitness experience with Jennifer started in 2014 and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did it help me health wise, it actually made me more social. I was at a point in my life where I was very quiet and wasn’t happy where I was at. I was very optimistic on training with Jennifer at first because I didn’t know what to expect. So I tried her class at first when she was at Intense Fitness full time and I was hooked! I went to her boot camps every Saturday and was doing stuff on my own about 3x a week. Jennifer then asked to come and work out other days one on one as well as with other people. From then on, I continued to follow her wherever she went, from Intense Fitness, Rock 50, to Symmetry Fitness. 

Continuing with Jennifer has made me so much of a better person today. I’ve made so many friends and became more comfortable in my own skin and not being afraid of showing off my goofyness (airhead at times ha) and not being ashamed about it. Jennifer taught me like I was her younger sister, but now swole sisters as well as one of my best friends! She has this ambition about her that makes you a better person inside and out!

Training with her I’ve had a TREMENDOUS change. I started out at 34% body fat and did weights 3x a week. I then started adding in cardio on days I didn’t lift. I went down 24% body fat in 2 months! If that doesn’t show you how dedicated Jennifer is to her clients, I don’t know what will. Once I saw that number on paper, those results pumped me up and wanted me to strive for more. I wanted to lean out and build muscle. I then saw I hit a plateau, and was wondering why and Jennifer said to start logging my food. To be honest, I hated being those people that put in their food and couldn’t eat this because I didn’t have “room” for it. But I told myself you know what, let me try it. Just in two months of logging my food and now lifting 4-5x a week, I see a huge difference! I am now down to 16% body fat! I’ve gained so much muscle in my arms, legs, butt (#bootybyjenn) and back. I’m so motivated to keep going and continue seeing the best results my body can give me, and it’s all because of Jennifer’s push and love for this industry. 

Every personal trainer can say “I’m not the best trainer” but Jennifer Rosidor is surely the BEST. Her heart is in it and you can tell after just the first training session with her. I now have another passion, and that’s fitness. I’ve become an official gym rat and I’m proud of it! Thank you Jenn! Love ya!!

I've always been very athletic person from regular training to long distance bike riding and competing in my first triathlon. 3 years ago a decided to change my line of work and because of that I wasn't able to continue with that type of physical fitness. My diet started to suffer and I workout less and less. I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself anymore. I became depressive, my confidence and self esteem went out the window. I had hit rock bottom...
After a year of battling with clothes not fitting right and feeling like crap, I woke up one day and decided to take control of my life again. I had enough and I was the only one who could make myself happy again. However I needed help. I couldn't do it alone.  
I typed in Personal Trainer Fort Lauderdale into google and I was flooded with men and woman trainers hoping I would choose them. I was surprised how many people were posing by pools, posting only head shots and looking like they dont even workout. After a lengthly search I came across Jennifer Smith's profile and I knew she was it. Her picture and bio were professional, honest and real. I called that second and made my first appointment.  I've been training with Jen just shy of 2 years now. She introduced me to lifting heavy, how to control my diet by educating me on what foods help and hinder my body. I never thought lifting heavy would help me trim down and build the toned muscle I was looking for. She really opened my eyes to a better way of training. I have dropped inches, gained muscle and have strengthened prior injuries I thought I would have to live with all my life. At 37 I have never felt better!
Jen is not only a great trainer but I'm happy to call her my friend. She has dedicated all hours to accommodate my work schedule, reach my goals and challenge my body and mind.
I couldn't have done it without her dedication to me to achieve a better version of myself. 


My weight loss journey started in April of 2016 after I went through a difficult point in my life. I wasn't happy the way I was and it was time to redefine myself. Thus started my weight loss journey. I asked a coworker and friend who happened to be a P.E. teacher for some help. He gave me a run through on a weight lifting routine and diet change. I cut carbs dramatically switched to high protein diet, worked out 30min 3 times a week and started walking 3 hours a day. I gravitated toward long walks. I had noticed some weight loss by mid May, I had lost around 30lbs. My sister had been doing group training with Jen and asked if I could join. Jen was happy to take me as a client and I started going for an hour on Saturdays to group sessions. Jen started training me and teaching me the proper ways to lift and exercise. I took that knowledge to my gym 3 times a week continued to walk for 3 hours and Saturday personal training with Jen.  I also followed the diet change to eat healthy and lose weight. Personal training with Jen was the main factor in weight loss and muscle gain.  Jenn taught me new exercises and knew when to push me to lift more. I needed her constant push to work harder. When I would hit a wall Jen would have me change my food intake to meet my body's needs. All the while I was gaining muscle and started to lift more. Daily food tracking to hit my proper protein and carb intake needs helped dramatically with energy increase. Fast forward to the end of November I had lost 80lbs. Jen said I needed more personal training days to push past the point where I was ( I had been stuck there for some time. Her unlimited classes were what I needed. I jumped on board for December. Making 3 to 4 sessions a week the weight started shedding and muscle gain was more and more noticeable. I am in my second month of multiple training sessions making 4 to 5 a week now. I have lost 90lbs in total. I can lift much more than I ever thought I would when I started training with Jen. I have gone from a pants size of 50 down to 38 waist - skinny jeans! I have gone from a 3XL shirt to a large/XL. I feel fantastic. I love my life. I have redefined and rediscovered myself. I have learned there is no such thing as get fit and quit, it is a daily lifetime commitment to constantly push yourself to become better. In close I have discovered my passion - fitness and I hope to one day in the not so distant future give to others what Jen has given me, a passion for fitness. 



I found Jennifer on my search to connect with kick boxing classes, which I had enjoyed prior to moving back to the Broward County area. I was reluctant, feeling as if it wasn't what I was looking for, and hesitant to commit. I worked out for a few months, only to find my way back to the couch, where I was most comfortable.  Finances were my excuse, and the justification as to why I simply couldn't work out.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I reached out to Jennifer for a second time, in desperation to get my toosh off the couch. I had gained weight, had a lowered self-esteem, and my moods were less than stable. Working out has always been a difficult thing for me to maintain; however, I had always felt that it was a great way for me to manage my mood and feel good about myself.

I struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I had done diet plans after diet plans, and it always seemed that when I would loose 5lbs I would gain 10lbs. I had finally made the commitment to put myself first. Working out with Jennifer has helped me emotionally, mentally, and physically. She has supported me in making the biggest decision in my life, having the vertical sleeve gastrectomy on August 12th, 2016. She helped me with my diet and my work out plan during the preparation phase, along with meeting me in the mornings to do extra cardio (holding me accountable to my commitment to myself).

Since having had the surgery, and getting back into the gym, I have lost 70lbs. Although my journey has just begun, and there are many more pounds that I will fight to loose, I know without a doubt that Jennifer will be by my side supporting my efforts. She is helping me to overcome my extreme hatred for CARDIO! She is pushing me to reach the goals that I have set for myself, even when I want to give up. She meets me where I am at, and pulls me up to where I need to be. This is why I couldn't think of a better way to make the commitment to myself to lose the weight, keep it off, and gain a sense of self confidence I never knew I could.

I have been dieting as far back as I can remember. In fact I remember starving myself weeks before the 8th grade dance so I could fit in a pair of jeans. I have been smaller than I am today and bigger than I am today. But I have never been happier than I am today. I finally feel like I'm losing weight and gaining muscle the healthy way. About 1 yr and 1/2 ago I gained a lot of weight and I could barely look at myself in pictures. In fact my before picture Jen posted and I reported her on Facebook. I have read a lot of people say their life changed when they started going to their trainer. That's not really my story. My life changed once I started listening to my trainer. 

The moment I met Jen I loved her which Is why I kept coming back. But I still wanted to do things my way. The great thing about Jen is she meets you where you are at. She never pressured me into anything but was there supporting me. I remember the day I was finally ready to make real changes and she was so supportive. For me it was about consistency and my eating (while still being able to drink wine). My whole life I have always been on some crazy diet. She taught me how to look at food differently and make my changes a realistic part of my life. She helped me make working out a realistic part of my life. One of the biggest lessons she taught me was to stop comparing myself to when I was at my smallest point. She taught me to focus on the daily changes I was making. I still haven't let her weigh me or take body fat. I wanted it to be about the way I felt. Not going to lie though it feels so nice that a pair of jeans I could barely get over my knees are now too big for me. I'm still not anywhere I want to be but I'm way better than I used to be. And I know with Jen's help I will only improve!